Aesop Skincare Reviews: Discovering the Wonders of Natural Beauty

Hey there, beautiful souls! Are you ready to embark on a journey toward natural skincare that truly makes a difference? Today, we’re diving into the world of Aesop Skincare reviews, a brand that has taken the beauty industry by storm with its unique blend of plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients.

In this in-depth review, we’ll not only explore their best-selling products but also share personal experiences and compare them to other popular brands. So, without further ado, let’s transform our skincare game and uncover the secrets behind Aesop’s exceptional formulas. Hold tight, because this is a skincare adventure you won’t want to miss!

Aesop Skincare Revivews
Aesop Skincare Reviews

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Overview of Aesop Skincare Reviews

Welcome to our cozy corner where we unravel the mysteries of natural beauty! In this Aesop Skincare review, we’re diving headfirst into this renowned brand’s plant-based and laboratory-made concoctions. From their iconic best-sellers to our own personal experiences, we’ll explore the ins and outs of their products to give you a well-rounded perspective.

We’ll also see how Aesop measures up against other popular brands in the market. Get ready to indulge in a world where nature meets science, and discover Aesop Skincare reviews are the perfect match for your journey towards radiant, healthy skin!

Aesop skincare reviews will offer you a quick rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of the company before we get into the specifics of the products:



  • High-quality, natural ingredients: Aesop Skincare products harness the power of plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients, ensuring a gentle yet effective skincare experience.
  • Environmentally conscious: The brand is committed to minimizing its environmental impact by using recyclable packaging materials and prioritizing sustainable practices.
  • Suitable for various skin types: Aesop’s diverse product range caters to different skin concerns. It makes a versatile choice for people with varying skincare needs.
  • Luxurious experience: The brand’s attention to detail, from elegant packaging to unique scents and textures. It elevates your skincare routine to a pampering ritual.
  • Ethically responsible: Aesop Skincare is a cruelty-free brand, ensuring that no animals are harmed in the making of their products.
  • Potent formulations: Each product is carefully crafted with a blend of botanical extracts and cutting-edge scientific research, providing visible results and improving overall skin health.
  • Educational approach: Aesop focuses on empowering customers by providing detailed information about their ingredients, usage, and expected results, allowing for informed skincare choices.


  • Pricey Products: Aesop Skincare is considered a high-end brand, and its products can be quite expensive, which may not suit everyone’s budget.
  • Limited accessibility: While the brand is becoming more popular, it may not be readily available in all locations, making it challenging for some customers to purchase their products.
  • Potential for allergic reactions: Though natural ingredients are generally gentler, some individuals may still experience sensitivity or allergies to certain botanical extracts used in Aesop Skincare products.
  • Trial and error: With such a diverse product range, it might take some experimentation to find the perfect combination of products for your unique skin type and concerns.
  • Strong scents: Aesop is known for its distinct fragrances, which can be a sensory delight for some but may be overpowering or irritating for those sensitive to strong smells.
  • Steep learning curve: For those new to natural skincare or the brand, it may take time to understand and adapt to Aesop Skincare’s unique product offerings and formulations.

Is Aesop an Ethical Company?

Absolutely! Aesop skincare reviews take pride in being an ethical company that values both the environment and the well-being of all living creatures.

They stand firm against animal testing, ensuring their products are cruelty-free and never tested on our furry friends.

Aesop also strives to minimize its environmental footprint by using recyclable packaging materials and sourcing sustainable ingredients whenever possible.

The brand doesn’t stop there; they’re known for its philanthropic efforts, supporting various social and cultural causes.

By partnering with organizations focused on social equity, Aesop actively contributes to creating a better world for all.

In a nutshell, Aesop’s commitment to ethical practices and environmental responsibility shines through in every aspect of its business, making them a brand you can feel good about supporting.

Aesop Fabulous Face Oil

This lightweight, nourishing oil works wonders on all skin types, providing deep hydration and balancing oil production. Its blend of botanical extracts leaves your skin radiant and rejuvenated.

Aesop Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream

This luxurious cream delivers long-lasting hydration to your skin, with its rich blend of camellia nut, chamomile, and rosemary. Ideal for dry or sensitive skin, it soothes and repairs, leaving your face supple and refreshed.

Aesop Gentle Facial Cleansing Milk

Melt away impurities with this creamy, gentle cleanser that’s perfect for all skin types. Its soothing formula, enriched with grape seed, sandalwood, and panthenol, cleanses and calms the skin without stripping its natural moisture.

Aesop Bitter Orange Astringent Toner

Aesop’s Bitter Orange Astringent Toner is a refreshing and invigorating treat for your skin! This delightful toner, infused with a blend of bitter orange, witch hazel, and rosemary, works wonders in balancing and soothing the combination of oily skin.

Aesop Bitter Orange Astringent Toner
Aesop Bitter Orange Astringent Toner

The astringent properties help tighten your pores and keep excess oil at bay, while the calming scent transports you to a serene oasis. Although it may be a bit strong for those with sensitive skin, it’s a fantastic choice for anyone looking to achieve a clearer, more radiant complexion. Your skin will thank you for this revitalizing pick-me-up!

Choose from two sizes to purchase this strong bitter orange astringent toner:

3.4 oz: $35
6.8 oz: $53

Aesop Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream

Aesop’s Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream is a lightweight, citrus-scented dream for normal to combination skin. Its star ingredients—mandarin, lemon, and tangerine rind—deliver a burst of freshness and hydration, while botanical extracts nourish your skin.

Aesop Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream
Aesop Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream

The fast-absorbing formula leaves no greasy residue, making it perfect for those seeking a hydrating boost without the heaviness of traditional creams. With its uplifting fragrance and revitalizing effects, this cream turns your daily skincare routine into a sensorial delight. Give it a try and experience the zesty magic yourself!

A 2.1-ounce package of this energizing cream costs $50.

Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum

Say hello to youthful, glowing skin with Aesop’s Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum! This potent, lightweight serum is packed with antioxidants from parsley seed extract, grape seed, and panthenol, working in harmony to protect your skin from environmental aggressors and free radicals. Ideal for all skin types, this silky serum delivers hydration and nourishment without feeling heavy or sticky.

Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum Reviews
Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum Reviews

As it penetrates deep into your skin, it helps improve elasticity and texture, leaving you with a plump, radiant complexion. Give your skin the love it deserves by incorporating this rejuvenating elixir into your daily routine!

Get a 3.4-ounce bottle of the secret to silky, nourished skin for $75.

Aesop Avail Facial Lotion with Sunscreen

Protect and pamper your skin with Aesop’s Avail Facial Lotion with Sunscreen! This lightweight, non-greasy lotion is formulated with broad-spectrum SPF 25, shielding your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Enriched with green tea, panthenol, and tocopherol, it offers antioxidant protection and hydration, leaving your skin feeling soft and refreshed.

Aesop Avail Facial Lotion with Sunscreen Review
Aesop Avail Facial Lotion with Sunscreen Review

Use this thin moisturizer 20 minutes before going outside, and you might need to do it again after a few hours.

A 1.8oz jar of this Avail Facial Cream with Sunscreen costs $60.

Aesop Soap Reviews

Aesop Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash

Elevate your hand-washing experience with this exfoliating hand wash. Infused with finely milled pumice, it gently scrubs away dirt and grime, while bergamot, vetiver, and petitgrain offer a calming and earthy scent. Your hands will feel soft, clean, and refreshed after every use, making this luxurious hand wash a must-have for any bathroom.

Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser

Pamper your skin with this invigorating body cleanser. Enriched with geranium leaf extract, mandarin, and bergamot, it gently cleanses while imparting a refreshing, green aroma. Suitable for all skin types, this mild cleanser leaves your skin feeling smooth, purified, and revitalized, making your shower experience a true sensory delight.

Aesop Body Cleansing Slab

This generously sized soap bar is perfect for those who prefer a traditional cleansing experience. Formulated with purifying botanical extracts like ylang-ylang, tea tree, and bergamot, it effectively cleanses and deodorizes the skin without causing dryness.

The rich, creamy lather and soothing scent transform your daily cleansing routine into a moment of pure relaxation. With Aesop’s Body Cleansing Slab, you’ll feel refreshed and renewed from head to toe!

Aesop the Seasoned Wayfairer Reviews

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

Keep your hands nourished and protected with this luxurious hand balm. Packed with hydrating ingredients like shea butter, sweet almond oil, and coconut oil, it offers lasting relief for dry, overworked hands.

Aesop The Seasoned Wayfairer Review
Aesop The Seasoned Wayfairer Review

The uplifting blend of mandarin, rosemary, and cedar atlas creates a soothing aroma that lingers, transforming your hand care routine into a sensorial experience. With consistent use, you’ll notice softer, smoother, and more hydrated hands.

Aesop Protective Facial Lotion SPF 30

Safeguard your complexion with this lightweight, daily facial lotion that offers broad-spectrum sun protection. Rich in antioxidants from green tea, it shields your skin from environmental aggressors while providing essential hydration.

Its fast-absorbing formula leaves no white cast, making it ideal for all skin tones. Incorporate this moisturizing facial lotion into your morning routine to ensure your skin stays protected and nourished throughout the day.

Aesop Herbal Deodorant Roll-On

Stay fresh and confident with this aluminum-free, herbal deodorant. Enriched with a blend of essential oils like sage, eucalyptus, and lavender, it neutralizes odor and leaves a calming, natural scent.

Its roll-on applicator ensures easy, mess-free application and even coverage. The gentle formula is suitable for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin, offering effective, long-lasting odour protection without irritation.

Aesop Coriander Seed Body Cleanser

Indulge in a revitalizing shower experience with this aromatic body cleanser. Infused with coriander seed, black pepper, and patchouli, it creates a warm, spicy aroma that awakens your senses.

Its gentle, low-foaming formula is suitable for all skin types, effectively cleansing and purifying without stripping your skin of its natural moisture. Step out of the shower feeling refreshed and invigorated, with your skin feeling clean, soft, and subtly scented.

What Do Customers Think About Aesop?

What Do Consumers Think About Aesop
What Do Consumers Think About Aesop
  1. “Aesop’s products have transformed my skincare routine! My skin feels healthier and more radiant than ever before. A little pricey, but worth every penny.”
  2. “I adore the luxurious textures and scents of Aesop’s products. They make my daily self-care rituals feel like a spa experience at home.”
  3. “I have sensitive skin, and Aesop’s gentle formulas have never caused any irritation. I’m thrilled to have found a brand that works for me.”
  4. “Aesop’s commitment to the environment and ethical practices make me feel good about supporting them. Their products are a guilt-free indulgence.”
  5. “While I love the quality and effectiveness of Aesop’s products, I wish they were more affordable. I can only splurge on them occasionally.”
  6. “I’m obsessed with Aesop’s packaging – it looks so sleek and elegant on my bathroom counter. Plus, their products leave my skin feeling incredible.”
  7. “I struggled to find the right products for my combination skin, but Aesop’s wide range has made it easy to create a customized routine.”
  8. “Aesop’s unique fragrances are a sensory delight! They’re strong but not overpowering, adding an extra touch of luxury to my skincare experience.”
  9. “I’ve had hit-or-miss experiences with some Aesop products, but overall, I’m impressed with their quality and effectiveness. I’ll definitely continue exploring their range.”
  10. “Aesop’s customer service is fantastic! They’re knowledgeable and always happy to help me find the perfect products for my skincare needs.”

Is Aesop Skincare Worth It?

Deciding whether Aesop is worth it ultimately depends on your personal preferences, skincare needs, and budget. Aesop offers high-quality, effective products with a focus on natural ingredients and a luxurious experience. Their commitment to ethical practices and environmental sustainability adds value to their brand, making it appealing to conscious consumers.

Is Aesop Worth It
Is Aesop Worth It

However, Aesop’s products come with a higher price tag, which may not suit everyone’s budget. For some, investing in Aesop’s skincare range may be a worthwhile splurge, while others might prefer to explore more affordable options.

In the end, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons based on your unique needs and priorities. If quality, efficacy, and ethical values are high on your list, and you’re willing to invest in a premium skincare experience, Aesop may be well worth it for you.

Aesop Promotions & Discounts 

While Aesop Skincare is known for its premium price point, the brand occasionally offers promotions and discounts to make its products more accessible to a wider audience.

Keep an eye out for seasonal sales, special offers, and limited-time deals on their website or at authorized retailers.

You can also sign up for their newsletter to stay updated on the latest news, exclusive offers, and product launches.

Aesop Promotions & Discounts
Aesop Promotions & Discounts

In addition to promotions, Aesop sometimes offers value sets or gift kits. It includes a curated selection of their best-selling products at a more affordable price per item. These sets are not only a great way to try multiple Aesop products without breaking the bank but also make wonderful gifts for friends and family who appreciate quality skincare.

By staying in the loop and being a savvy shopper, you can enjoy the luxurious experience of Aesop Skincare without the hefty price tag. Happy shopping!

Where to Buy Aesop Skincare

There are several convenient options for purchasing Aesop Skincare products, including their popular soaps. Here are some places you can explore to get your hands on these luxurious skincare essentials:

  1. Official Aesop website: The best place to shop for Aesop products is their official website (, where you’ll find the complete range of their offerings, along with detailed information, usage instructions, and ingredient lists.
  2. Aesop signature stores: Aesop has brick-and-mortar stores in various cities worldwide. Visit one of their beautifully designed boutiques to experience the brand’s unique atmosphere, and receive personalized skincare advice from their knowledgeable staff.
  3. Department stores: Aesop products are often available at high-end department stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Check the beauty section of these stores to find Aesop Skincare on the shelves.
  4. Authorized online retailers: Websites like Net-a-Porter, Mr. Porter, and Space NK also stock Aesop products. Make sure to purchase from authorized retailers to ensure you’re getting genuine products.
  5. Luxury beauty salons and spas: Some upscale beauty salons and spas carry Aesop Skincare products for sale or use during their treatments. Check with your local salon to see if they offer Aesop products.

Remember to always buy from reputable sources to guarantee the quality and authenticity of your Aesop Skincare purchases. Enjoy your shopping and indulge in the delightful experience of Aesop’s luxurious products!


Aesop Skincare Reviews
Aesop Skincare Reviews
What is so good about Aesop?

Aesop excels in offering high-quality, effective skincare with natural ingredients, captivating scents, and luxurious textures. Their commitment to ethical practices and environmental sustainability makes them an appealing choice for conscious consumers.

Why is Aesop so pricey?

Aesop’s higher price reflects its use of premium natural ingredients, extensive research, unique formulations, and commitment to sustainability and ethics.

Is Aesop a luxury brand?

Yes, Aesop is considered a luxury brand, known for its high-quality skincare products, elegant packaging, distinctive scents, and commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

Is Aesop good for anti-aging?

Aesop offers anti-aging products, like their Parsley Seed range, which helps combat signs of aging by nourishing and protecting the skin.

What is the best Aesop product?

It’s subjective, but Aesop’s best-selling product is their Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm, praised for its luxurious texture, hydrating properties, and delightful scent, loved by many users.

Who is Aesop owned by? 

Aesop is owned by Brazilian company Natura & Co, which also owns other well-known brands like Natura, The Body Shop, and Avon. Natura & Co acquired Aesop in 2012. The founder of the company is ex-hairdresser Dennis Paphitis.

Final Thoughts about Aesop Skincare Reviews

In conclusion, Aesop Skincare Reviews showcase a brand that’s committed to delivering premium. It is an effective skincare with natural ingredients, captivating scents, and luxurious textures. While the price point may be higher than some other brands. Many users believe that the investment is worth it for the quality and results of the products.

Aesop’s dedication to ethical and sustainable practices adds value to its offerings, making them an attractive choice for conscious consumers. Whether you’re looking to revamp your entire skincare routine or treat yourself to a luxurious indulgence, Aesop’s range of products offers something for everyone.

Try out some of their best-selling items or discover a new favourite – either way, Aesop is sure to elevate your self-care experience.