Ulike Laser Hair Removal Reviews (2024): Does It Work?

Ulike Laser Hair Removal Reviews can embark on your quest for smooth, hair-free skin? Let’s delve into unlike your traditional handheld razor, Ulike is more akin to a camera that captures the image of your skin. Instead of pictures, though, it emits light pulses that effectively put a stop to unwanted hair growth.

Ulike Laser Hair Removal Reviews

Remarkably, over 3 million satisfied customers across 17 countries endorse Ulike, with over 15,000 followers championing its painless results on Instagram. In our analysis, we’ll evaluate these praises, delve into the science powering Ulike, gauge customer sentiment, and assess the product’s pricing. But first, allow us to spotlight the standout features of the brand.

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Key Features of Ulike Laser Hair Removal Reviews

Key Features of Ulike Laser hair Removal
  1. Enjoy enduring results, for hair-free skin that lasts
  2. Experience a pain-free hair removal process
  3. Benefit from affordability, offering more value compared to other treatments
  4. Quick and efficient, taking as little as 10 minutes of your daily routine
  5. Endorsed by dermatologists for safe and effective use
  6. FDA-approved, ensuring compliance with health and safety standards
  7. Globally accessible, with international shipping options
  8. Hassle-free purchasing, with free shipping on your orders



  • It uses IPL technology which is painless and effective1
  • It provides long lasting results and reduces hair growth over time12
  • It has a cooling effect and can be used on face and body areas without side effects1
  • It can be done at home which is convenient and cost-effective


  • It may cause some skin irritation, redness, swelling, or itching after use34
  • It may not work well on dark skin tones or light hair colors4
  • It may require multiple sessions and maintenance treatments to achieve optimal results4
  • It may pose some risks of burns, scars, infections, or eye damage if not used properly

Why You Should Trust Ulike Laser Hair Removal Reviews?

Before and after use of Ulike Laser Hair Removal

Their aim is to assist you in making more educated buying choices. Their group dedicates countless hours to investigation, liaising with medical authorities, soliciting opinions from seasoned professionals, assessing customer responses, and evaluating items to equip you with the necessary information.

Ulike Sapphire AIR Series

Ulike Sapphire Air3 and Air+ IPL Hair Removal Handsets have the following differences:

Ulike Sapphire Air+Ulike Sapphire Air3Ulike Sapphire Air+
ColorPurpleDark Green
Price$279.00 (original $329.00)$329.00
Visible hair reduction3 weeks4 weeks
Permanent hair removal8–10 weeks12 weeks
Energy level5 levels (up to 8 J/cm2)5 levels (up to 6 J/cm2)
Cooling effectYes (up to -5 °C)Yes (up to -10 °C)
Flash modeManual and autoManual and auto
Flash life span999,999 flashes999,999 flashes
Customer ratings4.8/5.0 Stars4.5/5.0 Stars
Ulike Sapphire Air3 and Air+ IPL Hair Removal Handsets

How Does it Work?

Light energy is emitted through the skin’s surface and absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft.
The light that is received is transformed into thermal energy (below the skin’s surface), which deactivates the hair follicle and stops future development.

How Does Ulike Laser hair removal Work

Who is Ulike for? 

The products in this Ulike review are ideal for persons who do not respond well to traditional hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, or laser hair removal.


Ulike Laser Hair Removal Reviews: What Do Customers Think?


  • I’ve used an IPL previously, so I know how they operate. This one is extremely beautifully packed A+. Only two locations beneath my arms felt stingy and heated. I couldn’t feel anything else. IPL is not a lasting solution for me. However, having a technique at home that I can use to touch up as required is ideal. Certainly worth the money. “Justa Girl”
  • It is highly recommended. My vellos in the piernas were really gruesome and dark, and after using it approximately 6 times in 4 weeks, my vellos are so little and insignificant that they do not show. “Farah”
  • I tried a different brand, but after many months, I wasn’t seeing the results I desired. I decided to test this brand after hearing about it from my sister. I’m relieved I did. It’s already made a significant improvement, and I’ve only used it three times!! “Rachel”
Ulike Laser hair Removal Reviews


  • This was sent to me 24 hours ago. It has been charged overnight and must still be charged in order to be used. My warranty card’s QR code does not work! The QR code on the package is inoperable. “Shelby Dutton”
  • I was seeking for my savior, anything to help me with my face hair issues. I even attempted to return it, and the business states you may return it within 90 days, but there is no opportunity to do so, thus purchasing this item is equivalent to throwing away $250. Don’t squander your money. “Super Mom”

Is Ulike Laser Hair Removal Legit?

is Ulike Laser Hair Removal Legit

Ulike is a trustworthy firm to do business with. Multiple consumers praised their packing and shipping service, and there were few complaints regarding late purchases.

Is Ulike Worth It?

The pricing of Ulike’s items indicates that they are luxury. If you’re searching for a more basic equipment to eliminate body hair, razors, and shavers are far more cheap.

If you need the best-in-class, you won’t discover a better item than what’s in this Ulike review.

How to Select the Most Effective Hair Removal Product

How to Select the Most Effective Hair Removal Product

Before deciding on an Ulike beauty instrument, consider the following:

Financial capacity? For those on a tight budget, focus on cost-effective choices that emphasize efficiency over high-end features.
What kind of body hair are you planning to eliminate? Different hair types require varying degrees of attention.
What has been your experience with other hair removal methods? Shaving might cause discomfort, but have you explored alternatives like spa treatments or other solutions?

Promotions & Discounts

Promotions and Discounts ofUlike Laser Hair Removal

According to the search results, some promotions, and discounts of Ulike laser hair removal are:

  1. You can buy it on Amazon for $279.00, which is $50 off the original price
  2. You can also get a $50 discount on the Ulike Sapphire Air+ model, which is $229.00 on the official website

Where To Buy?

Where to Buy Ulike Laser

Besides from ulike.com, you can also buy their products through Amazon, Lotte, and Walmart.

Shipping Policy

  1. They offer three delivery services: Standard Shipping, Express Shipping, and International Shipping
  2. Orders will be delivered to the address provided by the customer when placing their order.
  3. An order can only be delivered to one address.
  4. Standard Shipping is free for orders over $100 and takes 5-7 business days.
  5. Express Shipping costs $15 and takes 2-3 business days.
  6. International Shipping costs $15 and takes 2-3 business days
  7. You may check the progress of your purchase on their official website.

How To Contact Ulike?

How to Contact Ulike

If you have any questions after reading this Ulike review, please contact the company at support@ulikeglobal.com.

Final Thoughts

Finally, after reviewing the “Ulike Laser Hair Removal Reviews,” one cannot ignore the overwhelming favorable feedback from consumers. There is unequivocal agreement: it is a product that delivers. Notably, customers like its low cost, making it an excellent alternative for people on a tight budget. Furthermore, its adaptability is impressive, since it is effective on a variety of hair types.

Who Is Ulike For

However, keep in mind that individual experiences with hair removal procedures may differ. This does not diminish the value of the product; rather, it emphasizes the significance of human preferences and responses.

As a result, despite the glowing evaluations, prospective purchasers are advised to analyze their unique requirements before making a purchase. According to the evaluations, Ulike Laser Hair Removal might be the next stage in your hair removal quest.

People Also Ask

Does Ulike permanently remove hair?

Ulike does not permanently remove hair, but reduces hair growth by damaging hair follicles with IPL technology

Is Ulike actually painless?

To provide a genuinely pain-free, salon-like hair removal experience, the AIR+ gadget employs Intense Pulse Light and sapphire cooling technology.

Do you shave before using Ulike?

Another thing to remember is that you must shave the region before treating it. In case you don’t have any shaving equipment, Ulike carefully supplies a little shaving kit.

How many times a week should I use Ulike?

During the first month, use three times each week. During the second and third months, use twice a week. After the third month, use once every half month or once every month.

What happens if I don’t shave before laser hair removal?

The laser uses heat to remove hair, causing the stem cells in the hair follicles to destroy. Too long hair, on the other hand, will result in singed hair and scorched skin. Before scheduling a laser hair removal appointment, you must shave.

Can I laser my face every day?

The follicle must be at a precise stage of development for the laser to damage the root. So, neither too early nor too late. However, because not all of our follicles grow at the same rate, we’ll be aiming for fresh hair cycles each time.

Is Ulike available on iPhone?

There is an Ulike app for iPhones, but it is not the same as the services described in this Ulike review.

What is Ulike’s Returns Policy?

Ulike allows you to return your items within 90 days of receipt. They will, however, impose a 10% restocking fee for unopened items and a 30% restocking fee for opened items.

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